A year or so ago, some of us got together for a weekend in Little Rock and experienced a really great two day confabulation. We had such a good time we decided to do this semi-annually as long as we remain and have the desire and ability to get there! We want to share this experience with the entire Class of 61 and hope everyone will make an effort to attend. It's simple, easy and a great time.
                                                     Here Is How It Works!!!        
  Basically we use the Atrium in the Embassy Suites Hotel for the main meeting area! This is where we meet up and spread the good stuff . This is the  main meeting area for the entire time here.
  1:00  - PM on Saturday. Meet and Greet in the Lobby (Atrium), Check In, Talk, Whatever .
  6:00  - PM Meet in the Atrium Bar for the Managers Happy Hour. (Free) Visit for couple hours.
  Have Dinner, return to the Atrium Area and chat, tell lies, set world records, or whatever you wish. Till the wee hours if you like.
  Sunday morning, free breakfast in the Atrium area. Visit , check out. We stayed in the Atrium area until well after noon last time. Then we departed for  home . 
  Those who live close by may or may not want to have a room. Your choice.
  That's It! Simple, Easy, Flexible! Great Fun! I hope you will come! 
  Just make your own reservations if you want a room for the weekend and come on!